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Register for Flag Football or 7v7 Today!

MJP partners with other flag leagues, we try and keep our MJP athletes together on the same team.



Seckman Flag - (4th-5th and 6th grade only*)

Registration CLOSED

4/5th grade - Travis MJP

6th Grade - Drew MJP

Grade year determined by 2023-2024 school year

Click here to Register! Make sure to include MJP and coaches first name. You will register on the Junior Jaguars Football website because we are playing in the Seckman League.  




Lindbergh 7v7 (7th and 8th grade only*)

Sign up by February 25th!

7th - Jackson MJP

8th - Red MJP

Click here to Register! Make sure to include MJP and coaches name under school. You will register on the Lindbergh Football website because we are playing in the Lindbergh League.  


*MJP will only be having teams in these leagues for the specific grade levels. The leagues themselves have more age ranges. 

Register for Tackle Football Today!

FOOTBALL REGISTRATION IS CLOSED - 2024 Registration opens April 1st 2024


Register for Cheer Today!

CHEER REGISTRATION IS CLOSED - 2024 Registration opens April 1st 2024




Free camp in May.

Free Pre-Season Camps - June

Regular season practice begins - TBD

** 4th/5th graders will play together as 1 team


Pre-Season Camps Regular season practice - TBD

All cheerleaders are required to have ALL WHITE cheer shoes no later than the second week of practice. All Cheerleaders must have all paperwork signed and returned no later than the second week of practice.

GAMES: Games are on Saturdays & Sundays at various times and locations: TBA once the schedule is finalized


Cheer - $200 (uniforms are included with a $100 deposit

Football - April 1- June 30, 2023- $250

Football registration fees increase on July 1, 2023 to $300!

All player families are required to participate in fundraising:

Fundraising: There will be multiple fundraising opportunities presented at the beginning of the season. Each family should choose ONE option. If you prefer not to participate in fundraising, may opt out by paying $ 100.

Security Deposits (3) - must be submitted at equipment hand out. Deposits will be returned when the requirement is met. (equipment turn in, work duty complete, fundraising complete)

Insurance for lost/damaged/missing equipment $250 for football and $100 for cheer - if you do not return MJP equipment - your check will be cashed.

All families must submit a $100 Fundraising deposit check at equipment handout. If you do not participate in the fundraiser - your check will be cashed.

Work Duty: Deposit check $100 - Each family will be required to complete work duty.

This will include chain gang, concession stand, and/or misc. tasks. If you cannot fulfill this expectation, you must find someone to fill in for you. If you do not, your check will be cashed.

Confirmation and Communications:

Once your registration is submitted and you have paid, you will begin receiving communications from the program.

Please download the Sports Engine App to stay up to date!

Also see below for our Social Media links!

** Our program is designed as a feeder program for Mehlville High School, residency restrictions apply for Fall program participation. Please contact us with questions.


2024 Scholarship Program

Interested in applying for a scholarship? Please read the policy document and fill out the form. Please send the completed form to!

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